Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hooded Cocoon / Baby Sack

This is the other cocoon I made for my daughter before she was born.  I wanted to get some of those cute newborn professional photos done.  Of course, I kept putting it off until she wasn't a newborn anymore, so all I have are the hospital photos.

This sack was big on my 6 pounder, so it should fit any baby up to about 8 or 9 pounds.  It is knitted, but I also crocheted the white edge.  The edge is completely optional.  This is a very forgiving pattern, so as long as you aren't a super-tight or super-loose knitter the gauge shouldn't matter.

- Bulky weight yarn in any color.  I used Yarn Bee Whimsy Bulky Yarn in a color called Strawberry Fields.  I used about 1.5 skeins.
- Size 11 circular needles
- Size 11 DPN
- OPTIONAL: Small amount of white or contrasting (any size, but I used a medium 4) yarn and Size I-9 crochet hook

1) CO 26 st on your circulars needles but DO NOT join in the round! (You’ll be using the circulars as if they are two straight needles, so be sure flip your work for each row.  You could also use straight needles and just switch to circular when you need to join in the round.)
2) Stockinette stitch until piece measures 5 inches (alternate knit one row, purl one row since you are flipping and working as if they are straight needles.)
3) CO an additional 26 st and join in round.
4) Knit until piece is 17 inches total (knit all rows since you are using circular needles and knitting in the round now).
   Start decreases (and switch to DPN whenever you feel it’s necessary) -
5) [K6, K2tog] around
6) Knit row
7) [K4, K2tog] around
8) Knit row
9) [K2, K2tog] around
10) Knit row
11) [K, K2tog] around
12) Knit around
13) K2tog around
14) Knit around
15) Repeat rows 14-15 until 4 or 5 st remain, bind off

Finishing -
Now you have a sack with a floppy piece on top.  The top is half the width of the sack. Fold the top's open end in half and crochet the top together to shut it and create a hood.  Also crochet the border of the two open sides.  I did a simple slip stitch  but any stitch will work.  If you can’t crochet, then just sew the top together on the inside to hide the seam.
That's all there is to it!  It was very stretchy and easy to get the kid in and out.  She seemed to like it.

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