Monday, March 24, 2014

Hungry Caterpillar Baby Cocoon Set

The first thing I ever crocheted were the two eyes on this hat.  I could't figure out how to knit the perfect circle, so I grabbed a hook instead.  That's the only thing crocheted in this set, the rest is knitted.  Here is my disclaimer: I know how to read a pattern, but writing one still eludes me.  Mainly because I've never written one as I was knitting.  I always wait until someone asks for the pattern, then I go dig up my old notes and try to figure out how I made it.  This pattern was created over a year after I actually knitted it, so it is VERY rough.  I'm not certain what gauge or needles or yarn I used.  This is NOT a pattern in the traditional sense, but more like guidelines.

Alright, here goes:

- Bulky (size 5) yarn in any green shade (I think I used the Deborah Norville Chunky in Apple Orchard) - One skein cut it very close, so depending on what size you make, you may need 2.
- Bulky (size 5) yarn in maroon (I have no idea what I used) - you need about a quarter skein.
- Size 9 circular and DPN needles
- Stitch marker
- Scrap of yellow bulky yarn for the eyes
- Scrap of green bulky yarn for the eyes (I used the same as above, but you can use a different shade.)
- Scrap of brown yarn for the nose (any size)
- Size I-9 crochet hook

For the cocoon/sack:
1) CO about 52 st onto circular needles (mark the beginning with a stitch marker)
2) Knit each row until the piece is about 4 inches.
3) Purl one row.
4) Knit each row for another 2.5 inches.
5) Purl one row.
6) Repeat [K 2.5", P one row] pattern until the piece is 16" long.
Start decreases -
7) [K3, K2tog] around
8) K row
9) [K2, K2tog] around
10) K row
11) [K, K2tog]
12) K row
13) K2tog around
14) Repeat row 13 until 5 or 6 st remain; bind off

This fit my average sized 3-month old.  For a larger or older baby, add stitches to your cast on and continue step 6 until the piece is the desired length.  A quick google search will provide you with the average sizes for babies at various ages.

1) Cast on 48 st on circular needles and switch to DPN whenever you see fit (use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of your rows)
2) Knit until the piece is 5 inches
Start decreases -
3) [K2, K2tog] around
4) K row
5) [K, K2tog]
6) K row
7) K2tog around
8) Repeat rows 7 until 4-6 st remain; bind off

The eyes are crocheted.  I started with green-
SC 6 into a magic loop
2 SC in each st around (12 st)
switch to yellow-
[SC, 2 in next SC] around (18 st)

The nose - I picked 4 knit stitches and just sort of sewed brown yarn in them in an X pattern, then closed off the sides to make as close to a circle as a I could.  Yeah, this was one of my first projects and my technique was not quite refined.

The antennae are knitted i-cords.  You tube has plenty of instructional videos for this.  Each one is about 3 inches.

This is the reason I had to learn to knit and crochet.  Look at that little face!

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